Jan Machacek studied sculpture and stage design in Vienna and Karlsruhe. Since 2002, he has shown his works in a number of different contexts including in movie theaters, exhibition spaces, as well as on stage and in various performance spaces. Some of the locations his performances have been shown include brut (Vienna) the Diskurs-Festival (Gießen) and Tanzhaus nrw (Düsseldorf). His short films have been shown at numerous international festivals including the Viennale (Vienna), Sonar (Barcelona) and Avanto (Helsinki).

He has collaborated on projects with Sabine Marte, Gini Müller, Anna Mendelssohn, Billy Roisz,
Peter Kozek, Martin Siewert, Anat Stainberg, Oliver Stotz and dieb13.


2009  Video > 10 min / Flexfestival, Gainesville
2007  Prize for Innovative Cinema / Diagonale, Graz
2006  International Prize for Performance, Trento