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The performer communicates with his own video image as it is multiplied, mirrored, enlarged, deleted, etc. He himself is in control of these processes and becomes increasingly entangled in their implications. This reacting and interacting with the camera leads to the creation of opaque and poetic images.

Conceptualization_Performance: Jan Machacek
Music: Thomas Brinkmann, Elvis Presley, Oliver Stotz, The Magnetic Fields,
ground/lift, Steve Reich, Daniel Johnston, Scanner
Text: David Thomas, Barbara Schurz, Alexander Brener, Samuel Beckett
Length: 45 min

PREMIERE:  May 2002, Schikaneder-Kino, Vienna
PRESENTATIONS   / eruzioni, Neapel / Wuk, Vienna / queerograd, Graz / Stadtwerkstatt, Linz /
poolbar, Feldkirch /