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Five live videos are made around a narrow glass table. The performer brings various props into play: A reflex hammer, hot pant, a crystal ball, bells … The stage turns into the set of a film, where shadows, distortion and optical illusions create extreme pop-compositions. 'am apparat' rewrites in stylized images and with physical exertion different stages of the own being: euphoria, apathy, irony, hysteria.

Conceptualization_Performance: Jan Machacek
Music: Pram, Oliver Stotz, Store, Tojiko Noriko, The Magnetic Fields
Length: 20 min

PREMIERE:  April 2003, Schikaneder-Kino, Vienna
PRESENTATIONS   / Cavia, Amsterdam / Labor Sonor, Berlin / bestiario, Rom / Underground Festival, Sofia / rhiz, Vienna / März-Galerie, Linz /