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erase remake explores the relationship between identity and body in a quasi-archaeological examination. On an improvised film set, Jan Machacek fiddles around with everyday objects such as a vacuum cleaner or a scanner which have little cameras mounted on them. Parts of his body are intermittently »erased« or rejoined together. A performative account of the boundaries of autonomy and self-awareness unfolds through different associations. The live music is a mixture of loops of machine noises and sentimental »trashy« songs by Martin Siewert and dieb13.

Conceptualization_Performance: Jan Machacek
Conceptualization_Music: dieb13, Martin Siewert
Length: 50 min

PREMIERE:  July 2008, brut Künstlerhaus, Vienna
PRESENTATIONS   / International Price for Performance, Trento / KomponistInnenforum Mittersill / Omisssis, Gradisca d’Isonco / Diskursfestival, Gießen / Festival temp d’images, Tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf /