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The remake of the remake of the remake. »you delay« – »La Jetée« – »Vertigo«. Jan Machacek with Chris Marker and Alfred Hitchcock. The performance artist Machacek has singled out two of the greats of film history to base his newest production on which is to be shown at the brut. The lines of continuation of their work, with numerous omissions and parallel motives, demand a fair amount of active recollection on the part of the viewer, both within the work itself and with respect to its many points of reference. Together with the performance artists Anat Stainberg and the musicians Billy Roisz and Oliver Stotz, Machacek undermines the linear experience of time, making it possible for visual fragmentation – even if only for a short moment – to triumph over the time-space continuum.

Judith Helmer, »Time-Space-Fragmentation«, 16/1/2009, www.corpusweb.net